Hariharan Balagopal Presently spearheads a turnkey assignment of a mega project of a Sports University in Jhansi, and launch of several school initiatives in different places like Bhopal , Raipur, Lucknow and Kathmandu, Nepal. Balagopal is engaged also in total restructuring of some educational initiatives including DPS Rohtak as its Management Committee Member . For several other DPS initiatives Balagopal renders school-specific consultancy services .

Hariharan Balagopal played a key role in launching and establishing the entire K.R. Mangalam chain of World Schools and the K.R. Mangalam University , over a dynamic association spanning twelve years .

RNS World School in Jhansi too has been conceptualised and given its pride of place in the Bundhelkhand region by Hariharan Balagopal, and further horizontal expansion of the brand and launch of RNS schools in other parts of UP is in the pipeline presently.

Collective value of projects being handled by Balagopal exceeds Rs.300 crores.

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